Drake Family Dentistry Can Help You Improve Your Smile

Drake Family Dentistry can Help You Improve Your Smile Featured Image - Drake Family Dentistry

Did you know that having confidence in your smile can literally change your life. “Your teeth have a bigger impact on your smile than you might realize” says Dr. Thomas Drake. If you aren’t proud of your smile, let this message motivate you to get help improving your smile.

How can a great smile improve your life?

Smiling has all kinds of benefits! Check out the following powerful reasons to smile, as well as the benefits of smiling:

  • Smiling makes you more attractive. Happiness is a very attractive feature, and it is easiest to detect when people smile.
  • Smiling is very important to your overall health. Cornerstone Dental is here to help improve your smile.
  • Smiling is very important to your overall health. Cornerstone Dental is here to help improve your smile.
  • Smiling can actually help reduce pain. Pain relieving endorphins are actually released as you smile.
  • Smiling improves your mood. We can all benefit from suddenly being more optimistic, positive and motivated.
  • Live longer—smile bigger. Researches have actually shown that bigger smiles may actually be related to longer life spans.

Clearly, smiling plays a significant and essential role in overall well-being.

Evidently, smiling is extremely important. If someone is not proud of their teeth, they are more apt to hide them by covering their smile or laugh with their hand, or even worse, not smiling very often, or at all.”We offer solutions from whitening, to veneers; and from restoring basic dental health to implants. etc. Whatever your dental needs, we can present a customized plan with options for you” says Dr. Drake.

Whether you have a single treatment need, or help with a complete ‘smile makeover’, Drake Family Dentistry wants to help you recapture your smile. No matter how long it has been since you have seen a dentist, you will not be judged or reprimanded. Dr. Drake states: “If you (or your loved one) aren’t smiling because you are embarrassed about your teeth, Drake Family Dentistry is there for you.”

Let Drake Family Dentistry help you restore your confidence in your smile. Let us help you improve your smile, improve your life. Call (913) 721-1300 or click today, and let the process of improving your smile, and improving your life begin.