What Does Dental Restoration Mean? A Complete Guide to Common Treatments

Everybody wants a beautiful smile, but the route to get the smile you’ve always wanted can sometimes feel like a never ending road. Figuring out what the right treatment options are for you takes time, but luckily, there are many options out there depending on what your dental problems are. You might be considering dental restoration, or you might even be wondering what dental restoration even is! In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common dental restoration treatments to help you better understand what’s out there and what might work for you.

Damaged Teeth

Do your teeth have chips or cracks? Are they uneven in shape and size? Do you have stains that whitening treatments just can’t lift? Veneers might be the perfect option to cure your dental concerns.

As one of the many recommended dental restoration treatments, veneers are a wonderful option for a number of common dental problems. Veneers are paper-thin, custom-made shells that cover the front surface of your teeth. When bonded to your teeth, they can dramatically change the color, shape, size, and length. In fact, veneers can mimic the natural teeth, resist stains and finally give you the glowing, beaming smile of your dreams.

Tooth Decay or Damage

Do you have a cracked, damaged or decayed tooth? If your tooth has been damaged, you might benefit from getting a crown.

A crown is a covering that is placed over your tooth. It fits over and strengthens the damaged tooth, and restores its appearance and function. It is the perfect solution for teeth that have suffered tooth decay, fractures, or damaged fillings.

The process of fitting a crown is simple: a digital image of your tooth is taken in order to make a custom-made crown. A permanent crown is created and later fitted to the tooth after reshaping. Crowns last many years with proper oral hygiene and care, and are a great restorative option for many patients.


Do your teeth look less-than-white? A dull, stained, or yellow smile can negatively impact your confidence, self-esteem, and even stop you from smiling! If you want a gorgeous, glowing, white smile, teeth whitening is exactly what you need.

Dr. Drake uses state-of-the-art Zoom!® teeth whitening which can whiten your teeth up to 8-10 shades in the first visit. It’s the perfect treatment for a self-esteem boost and to keep you smiling, no matter what happens.

Choosing the Right Treatment for You

If you’re not sure what kind of restorative work you need, it’s always best to speak to a professional first. Dr. Thomas Drake has over 25 years of experience in restorative work, so whether you want a straighter smile or whiter teeth, he’s ready to help you on your journey to getting the smile you’ll love.