The Benefits of Dental Implants

The Benefits Of Dental Implants - Kansas City - Drake Family Dentistry

Dental implants are a safe, effective cosmetic dentistry procedure that utilizes prosthetic teeth to replace missing teeth. If your dentist has recommended tooth replacement, but you’re not sure what cosmetic dentistry tooth replacement method is best for your needs and lifestyle, keep reading to learn about the primary benefits of dental implants.

Durable, Natural-Looking Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are constructed of long-lasting materials, and are implanted securely into your jawbone, making them incredibly strong and durable. A dental implant consists of a titanium rod, which acts as an anchor or root; an abutment, which is securely affixed to the rod; and a prosthetic tooth, which is customized to match the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth. With proper dental care, including regular dentist visits for checkups and teeth cleanings, your dental implants can last for 15 years.

Reliable and Successful Cosmetic Dentistry Solution

The success rate of dental implant procedures is consistently high. Dentists recommend dental implants so often because they feel that they offer a very reliable and predictable outcome. As long as a patient has sufficient jawbone to support the dental implant, is in good overall health, and is committed to maintaining excellent oral hygiene and dental care, a dental implant is the recommended cosmetic dentistry solution.

An Effective Form of Preventative Dentistry

Missing teeth that aren’t replaced can eventually lead to serious dental problems. Your remaining teeth will shift out of alignment and attempt to fill in the gap where your tooth once was. You can also suffer from significant bone loss, as the jawbone that used to support your missing tooth will begin to deteriorate. Dental implants are an incredibly successful form of preventative dentistry, as they protect you from malocclusion and facial deformity.

To learn more about the benefits of dental implants in Kansas City, come see us at Drake Family Dentistry. Our friendly, knowledgeable dentist has extensive experience in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and preventative dentistry for both children and adults. To schedule a free consultation, contact our family dentistry office today at (913) 721-1300.

28 thoughts on “The Benefits of Dental Implants

  1. Tyler Meredith says:

    It’s interesting that leaving a missing tooth untreated can lead to other problems such as surrounding teeth moving and shifting. I didn’t realize that losing a tooth could cause so many problems. My mom recently lost a couple teeth and I want to make sure she has a healthy mouth. I’ll talk to her about the benefits of dental implants and how they can prevent other problems.

  2. Derek Mcdoogle says:

    You mentioned that dentists recommend dental implants so often because they feel that they offer a very reliable and predictable outcome. My wife was carrying some laundry down the stairs when she tripped and fell and broke 2 teeth. Are there different types of implants that can be installed depending on the condition of the teeth? Finding a reputable dentist might be our best option.

  3. Dennis Sanchez says:

    You mentioned that dental implants are constructed of long-lasting materials, and are secured into your jawbone, making them incredibly strong and durable. My uncle was recently complaining at dinner the other day about how hard it was to eat, because he was missing a few teeth. Perhaps implants would be right for him. I’ll have to find a local dentist who offers those services and see if it would work for my uncle. Thanks for the information.

  4. dental implants London says:

    I like your second point in which you described very well about the dental implants indeed they are a long term solution for missing teeth. If you have a missing teeth or gap in your mouth then it acts like a trap for food and bacteria and it can cause gum disease for your teeth but with dental implants you can cover the gap and make your smile more beautiful.

  5. Tomas Killington says:

    My brother recently had a tooth knocked out while playing basketball. He has been looking at ways he can make his smile look naturally better. I didn’t realize that dental implants can naturally fill in the gap while keeping the remaining teeth from shifting to fill the spot. I’ll be sure to let my brother know about this option.

  6. Rachel Lannister says:

    I had heard in the past that dental implants were a great option for those with missing teeth. In the article it states that the success rate of dental implant procedures is consistently high. If a person with missing teeth wanted to get implants, they could do it without any real worry about there being issues. Thanks for the informative article.

  7. jresquival says:

    That’s interesting that dental implants are fitted to your jawbone. That must help them function like real teeth. I have a badly cracked tooth; it has to be removed, so I may opt for an implant.

  8. John says:

    My wife has been having some problem with a couple of her teeth and she’s afraid she’ll need to get them pulled. According to the article, dental implants are a an excellent replacement option since they are both durable and natural looking. I’m sure she’ll take comfort in knowing that if she needs those teeth pulled, implants can help her keep a health and confident smile.

  9. Dave Anderson says:

    I think that dental implants are great options for people that have lost teeth or that want their teeth to look better. The fact that they are made out of porcelain and require maintenance is one of the reasons why I think that implants are such a good option. I think that it is always better to make them look more natural.

  10. Saurabh says:

    Implants certainly are the best and most durable solution for missing teeth. If the tooth or teeth in question are front teeth that are going to be visible every time you smile, it is very important to choose a dentist who specializes in the procedure and has extensive experience with dental implants. As far as the actual implants are concerned, I think ceramic are better because they are more natural, worth the additional expense in my opinion.
    But that said, I agree that it should be carried out as soon as possible and not just for cosmetic reasons. I happen to know a case of a friend who delayed treatment because the missing tooth was towards the back of the mouth, so it was not visible and did not affect his smile. but the gap became more narrow as time went on and when he did end up getting around to it, it cost him more to have the teeth realigned and then put an implant in.

  11. Alex Dean says:

    I lost one of my permanent teeth, and am wanting to have something to take care of it. My dentist suggested that I consider having a dental implant, but before I agree I am wanting to know if this is such a good idea. It’s good to know that something like this can last about 15 years, as long as I take good care of it. That would be great to have something that I don’t need to replace every year.

  12. Brynne Jones says:

    I love that you included how dental implants are made of long-lasting materials that make them very strong and durable. It was nice that you included how these implants are customized to fit the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth. My grandfather is missing a few of his top teeth. Looking into having dental implants could be a good option for him.

  13. Roger Middleton says:

    I liked that you had mentioned that dental implants are made from a long-lasting material and implanted securing to make them durable and strong. Growing up my mom had been in a few accidents on her bike and at parks and such and because of this, she has a few missing teeth in her mouth and with her age, it’s starting to cause her problems while eating. I think I’ll have to start looking into getting her dental implants because I know that they’ll be able to last her a long time all the while helping her eat easier.

  14. Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    Dental implants sound like such a great tooth replacement option. I love the fact that they can last 15 years, since they are made of titanium. I’ve heard that they can last a lifetime; is that just an exaggeration?

  15. Callum Palmer says:

    I didn’t realize that missing teeth could actually lead to other serious dental issues later down the road. If that is the case then it is good to know that dental implants can prevent some of the more serious issues. Although, admittedly, the idea of having teeth bolted back into your mouth does sound a bit odd.

  16. Jack Duff says:

    I didn’t realize that not replacing missing teeth could cause your remaining teeth to shift and mess up your smile. That sounds like it could be a real problem. I am missing some teeth, and I am trying to decide what to do about it. It seems like dental implants could really help me out, I will have to look into getting some.

  17. Jordan says:

    My wife and I have been thinking about getting me some dental implants, and I wanted to do some reading. I’m glad you talked about how teeth that aren’t replaced can lead to problems. I think that being able to avoid this problems would be good for me, and dental implants would be a great way for me to do that!

  18. Anthony Wally says:

    I’ve been doing some research on dental implants as I have been contemplating getting them for myself in the future. I liked how you pointed out that dental implants are beneficial at preventing bone loss or distortion in the jaw. I had always just thought that dental implants were for aesthetics, so it’s cool to learn how they benefit you in more ways than just looks.

  19. Rob Peters says:

    All things and information from your blog show’s great insights and perspectives on Dental Implants. These days, we are now able to bring back the better smiles from the missing teeth by filling it with the use of dental implants procedures. Thanks for the great blog perspectives. For other references about dental implants procedures, feel free to read this blog.

  20. Silas Knight says:

    I’ve heard a ton of good things about dental implants. Still, the most impressive thing to me is how long they can last. You mention that they are reliable and successful, but do they really last a lifetime if taken care of?

  21. Kayla says:

    I didn’t know that dental implants are constructed of long-lasting materials. My mom just lost one of her teeth during our family reunion when she went swimming with my cousins. My dad suggested having dental implants and shared this article with her. It says that missing teeth that aren’t replaced can lead to serious dental problems.

  22. Ashley Turns says:

    Thanks for letting us know that getting dental implants can help prevent bone loss due to the deterioration of the jawbone. My husband recently lost a couple of teeth when he fell down the stairs and we are wondering what will be the best option to replace them. We will definitely be going with dental implants since I don’t want my husband to suffer from bone loss.

  23. Callum Palmer says:

    This was an interesting read and I had no idea that teeth tended to shift to try and fill the space left behind by a missing tooth. That alone would be a great reason to look into getting a dental implant. At least that way you’re only doing one big payment for the implant instead of having to pay a lot more to realign all of your teeth.

  24. Afton Jackson says:

    The natural appearance of dental implants that you talked about really caught my attention. Just the thought of having a replacement tooth that won’t look obvious to other people really puts me at ease as someone who cares about their appearance a lot. I’ll look for a dental implant expert for sure so I can have this done for me.

  25. Sheena says:

    You said that dental implants are made of durable materials and are screwed into your jawbone, which makes them extremely strong and long-lasting.

  26. Mestica says:

    This was a fascinating read, and I was unaware that teeth often shift to try to fill in for a missing tooth. That alone would be a compelling reason to consider dental implants.

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