A Quiz About Your Teeth

A Quiz About Your Teeth Featured Image - Drake Family Dentistry

How Well Do You Know Your Teeth?

Hey kids, The American Dental Association wants to know how much you REALLY know about our teeth. Take this quiz to see how well you score!

1. How many teeth do adults have? a) 32; b) 52; c) 25

2. What is the part of the tooth that you see in your mouth? a) Root; b) Crown; c) Pulp

3. How often should you brush your teeth? a) Whenever you want; b) Once a week; c) Twice a day

4. What do braces do? a) Chew food better; b) Keep teeth from falling out; c) Straighten teeth

5. What type of snack is best for keeping your teeth healthy? a) Popcorn; b) Ice cream; c) A candy bar

6. What are your first teeth called? a) Permanent teeth; b) Baby teeth; c) Wisdom teeth

7. What are your biggest teeth called? a) Biters; b) Tearers; c) Molars



1. a

2. b

3. c

4. c

5. a

6. b

7. c