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About Gum Health

About Gum Health Featured Image - Drake Family Dentistry

While often overlooked, the gums play a critical role in keeping the entire smile healthy. When compromised by gum disease or damaged by dental trauma, patients can find themselves facing oral discomfort and vulnerable to a wealth of potential dental issues. With these consequences in mind, our Kansas City dentist strives to educate patients on…

Possible Reasons for Bad Breath

Possible Reasons For Bad Breath Featured Image - Drake Family Dentistry

The American Dental Association says that 50% of Americans experience halitosis at one point or another. What is that? In simple words, it’s bad breath, and that’s quite a large percentage we’re looking at. If you’re one of the people in that percentile and don’t know what the reason behind it is, then keep reading.…

Tooth Restoration with Dental Crowns

Tooth Restoration with Dental Crowns Featured Image - Drake Family Dentistry

If your smile has been made unappealing by chips, stains, and visible fillings, you probably feel self-conscious in social situations. Fortunately, Dr. Tom Drake is well-versed in a wide range of cosmetic dentistry applications. Dental veneers are a popular method for restoring multiple unappealing teeth. However, there are times when one or two teeth might…