Michelle L.

So I used to snore LOUDLY and it disturbed my sleep as well as my family’s. I was also tired all the time. Focus during the day? Forget about it! All I wanted was a nap everyday! Dr. Drake gave me a chance to try this mouth piece that put a stop to snoring . […]

Louie L.

I have been using the mouthpiece device for over 6 months. In the beginning I did not think I had a sleeping problem. Thought it was normal to wake up periodically through the night. I was wrong, I have noticed that I hardly ever wake up throughout the night now. I also have noticed that […]

Jake P.

I am writing this because there is no one more skeptical than me, but I knew I was having trouble sleeping and I did not want a bulky CPAP machine. So I took the test and got fitted for the device. Then I went home and gave it a shot. I WISH I HAD DONE […]