Dental problems can affect anyone at any age, whether you’re getting up there in years or you need a dentist for your kids. Dr. Drake has experience helping thousands of patients with any dental problem.

Dr. Drake works with patients to ensure they understand what is happening and what the remedy is so that they can become fully comfortable with the procedure before beginning. You can trust him and his staff to do a comforting and professional job to get your mouth out of pain and back in a better state of health.

Even if you know you’ve delayed a visit for too long, it’s never too late to see Dr. Drake. He won’t scold you or judge you for not coming in sooner — in fact, he’ll simply be happy that you made it in!

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In some circumstances, it may not be possible to do a proper cleaning on the first visit. There are certain oral conditions that make cleaning ineffective. If the staff discover this is the case for you, you will be provided with a voucher for a complimentary cleaning once the oral condition has been repaired.

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